About Me

Hello everyone! Welcome to Taste of Vegan! My name is Mina. I am from Barcelona. I’ve been cooking since I was a little girl. While my parents worked, I had to prepare meals for my little sister. I was always fascinated by different dishes, especially ones that were not part of my culture. In addition, I attended culinary school for a number of years. The thing that bothered me throughout my experience is that animals played a major role in a majority of those dishes. I, personally, feel that animals shouldn’t be food. In the same breath, we need to be knowledgeable of what we eat and if it is even necessary to eat it. With that in mind, I started experimenting with new ways to make dishes without using any animal products. I’ve created a lot of vegan dishes that are healthy and delicious. Also, I’ve innovated many recipes I’ve come across through my journey. Sharing is caring!!! With that said; along with the help and support of my influential husband, I’ve created Taste of Vegan! A paradise where you can find super healthy yet utterly delicious vegan dishes!!!!

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